On the illegality of Putin’s re-election march 18, 2018 (Scientific report, May, 2018)

Русранд 25.05.2018 20:51 | Политика 52

In the work based on the official President of Russia on March 18, 2018 election results, published by the Central Election Commission, was conducted a multilateral mathematical reconstruction of true results of voting.

It is shown that the results have been falsified on a large scale, in a centralized and controllable manner in favor of candidate V.V. Putin. The result of the will of voters has been distorted at significant times! The falsifications have the same nature, as in 2012. Embedding, rewriting protocols, remote voting, possible reprogramming of the KOIB and GAS, inconsistency of ballots to the requirement of law. Significantly was increased the action of the state machinery (the administrative resource), which ruled out equality of rights, equality of advertising time, financial resources of the candidates and distorted the will of voters through bribery, threats and compulsion to vote specifically for Putin V.V.

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